How Do You Eat Chocolates?

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My wonderful husband is a very good gift giver. Actually, he’s the best gift giver. When Easter comes around, he knows to get me chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

As an adult, I eat my chocolates a very specific way, which led me to think about how my chocolate eating habits have morphed through the years.

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-When I was little and there happened to be chocolates in the house, I received one piece a day. Whether it was because my mother didn’t want me to get fat, didn’t want me to get cavities or wanted me to practice self control, who knows? But I only would get to eat one delectable, delicious, creamy piece of chocolate a day…when they were available. The chocolate would go in my mouth and I would slowly let it melt so that it would last as long as possible.

-Early adult life. It was a whole new ball game when I moved out of home. No longer under the shackles of a one piece of chocolate a day rule, whenever I had a box of chocolate, it was on. Whole pieces of chocolate would go in my mouth, burst all around my tongue, cheeks and teeth and into my belly they would go. I would stop when all that were left were empty pleated chocolate papers inside gold boxes.

-After 25 adult life. During this time of my life, I had to stop leaving out boxes of chocolates in the living room so that I wouldn’t disgust my guests who would go pilfering through candy boxes they thought I left out for them. Somewhere along the line I learned that if I only at half a chocolate, I could taste all the different flavors faster while saving calories. I would eat half a chocolate and place it back into the box. This is still where I am in life. I wonder what this says about my mental state and current personality.

Joyce Huang

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