Hou Yi Hot Pot NYC


I enjoy a good hot pot at times because there is something homey and comforting about them. The hot broth pouring down your throat, the sense of bonding as you cook and chat while being warmed over various, simmering pots of liquids. A while back, I had lunch with a family member to catch up and we had a really enjoyable meal at Hou Yi Hot Pot.

We got a spicy broth and curry broth and dipped in so many different ingredients from squids and noodles, to beef and vegetables. I did find a table in the restaurant to be annoying though. She was lamenting that she wanted a new pot of broth, and not for them to just take chilies out because she didn’t realize the very spicy broth she ordered would be so spicy. Idiot. People are just stupid sometimes. I mean, they actually give you levels of spicy to choose from.

A fun touch that will also confuse your tummy is that they have a serve yourself ice cream freezer. So after filling it up with super hot liquids, I then canceled it all out with a bunch of ice cream. I would definitely go back here.

Hou Yi Hot Pot

82 Hester Str.

New York, NY 10002

Joyce Huang
Hou Yi
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