Hi, I’m Back:)

I know, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. But I have good personal reasons for it:). Lets just do a quick food porn re-cap of what I’ve been eating, because that’s what blogs are for anyway: Self-Indulgence.

Who doesn’t love Shake Shack? I love it so much I made it a double.

Of course you need fries with that, cheese fries to be exact.

And I must top it off with something sweet, otherwise I won’t know it’s time to stop eating.

Again, I am not allowed to go food shopping when I am hungry. Here we have a Big Mac, chicken nuggets, fries, soda, hot fudge sundae, crab rangoon, fried chicken wings and an egg roll.

I dabbled in some Redbones BBQ in Boston. My fave was the Arkansas style.

On the way back to the South Station terminal, some Pho Pasteur Chow Fun noodles to tide me over.

And when in NYC, you gotta get your Doughnut Plant fix. Blackout, tres leches and creme brulee.

Some Pig in a Poke at Tipsy Parson? Don’t mind if I do.

Soft serve ice cream is one of my fave treats to eat. And for some reason I crave ice cream more when it’s cold out.

And may I sound like Joey from friends, but a damn good sandwich just makes me so happy. There is something that I find about NYC deli and bodega sandwiches that I find incredibly satisfying. I always get mine on a hero, not roll.

Have a lot of rye bread in my apartment right now, and therefore have been eating lots of smoked salmon sandwiches.

Again…what did I say about me not being allowed to be too hungry when ordering.

-Joyce Huang

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  • Arrrg… you are making me hungry! My new years resolution to cut out all sugar and fat was crushed by homemade carrot cake and pizza. (sigh) Now I want pizza…..

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