Healthy and Low-Calorie Cucumber Snack

By no means am I the healthiest person in the world. I’m a girl who loves to eat and because of that, I do pack on the pounds at times. When I need to watch my calorie intake to get rid of some of this poundage, I’ll make this cucumber dish so that I don’t reach for a bag of chips. All I do is slice up a cucumber and toss it up with the below mixture. It’s savory, sweet, earthy and crunchy. Does it taste like a bag of sour cream and cheddar chips? No, but it really does get rid of that unhealthy craving for me. Eat the entire cucumber and you still won’t even feel guilty, just full!

Ingredients for sauce

2-3 TBS of soy sauce depending on how big the cucumber is

Splash of sesame oil

Splash of rice vinegar

Pinch of sugar

That’s all. Crunch away.

-Joyce Huang

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