Head To Via dei Mille For Some Home-Made Pasta This Weekend

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The walk on West Broadway is so great because of the window shopping and cute storefronts. One of the cute windows that you will definitely want to take a peek into is an Italian restaurant called Via dei Mille. The décor is very old world meets new world. Printed, vintage looking wallpaper, dazzling lights and quaint wooden tables. The new might have you doing a double take. Every month Via dei Mille features the works of a local artist and sells them as well. I love this idea because it supports the local art scene and gives exposure to someone who might otherwise not have had it. However, the combination of the paintings and the interior of the restaurant may or may not mesh together well depending on the artwork chosen for that time period. This doesn’t seem to be a concern of the owner though.

Via dei Mille really does have a wonderful vibe. I would highly recommend it for dinner dates and group outings. And if for some reason you don’t like Italian, they have a really extensive bar, which I love seeing. I hate it when restaurants don’t carry the brand of alcohol you’re in the mood to drink. Their menu was very typical of an Italian café in the city and had everything from carpaccios and salads to paninis and pastas.

Fritto Misto: When the scent of their fried calamari wafted over to my table, I had to try it. It was great to see that it wasn’t just fried calamari, but a fritto misto, which is a combination of fried foods. Their platter came with calamari, rock shrimp and zucchini, and although I was happy to have variety, it turns out I didn’t need it. The rock shrimp was chewy and rubbery and the zucchini was a bit of a disappointment, however the calamari was wonderful. It had a great batter and the meat was perfectly cooked, firm, but would give way once you bit into it. I wanted to eat more of it, but needed to save room for my entrée.

Linguine Salmone e Salvia: Of course I had to ask, ‘Do you make your own pasta?’ And why yes, they did. The linguine was tossed with hearty salmon chunks, sage and a light butter sauce. I was a bit worried about the salmon being overcooked like the rock shrimp, but it wasn’t at all and I enjoyed that the bites were satisfying in size. The sauce was very light and the sage got lost because of the salmon flavor, but it didn’t matter much to me. I love ordering home-made pasta because the flavor and texture is so hard to capture in the dried versions we buy in boxes at the supermarket. The linguine was very light and delicious to eat. I was happy that I had leftovers to bring home and snack on later (take your leftovers, people! You never know if you will bump into a homeless person on the way home and if you don’t, just eat it another time. Remember, there are starving people everywhere, we shouldn’t be throwing away food if it’s not spoiled). Unfortunately the wonderful and tasty pasta was devoured by my boyfriend the second he laid eyes on it when I got home. No more pasta for Juice:(, but he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

6.5 out of 10


Via dei Mille

357 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013-2497

(212) 431-0080

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As per FTC guidelines: I did not get paid to write this post, but my meal was comped at the restaurant. Anything that I write about it is my own honest opinion.

-Joyce Huang

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