Have You Had Any Comfort Food Lately?

If you weren’t born or raised in New York or New Jersey there is a good chance that you haven’t tried disco fries yet. It’s what we eat here late at night, or after a big night of drinking and/or dancing. What’s in it? It’s kind of gross if you think about it in the artery clogging way, but in my mind it’s always been a type of comfort food. Oh, and it’s great for soaking up alcohol, especially if you’ve been drinking till 5am in the morning. Disco fries are steak fries covered in melted mozzarella and topped with brown gravy. The gravy in the picture above is a little off. I was at a fancy hotel in Boston and asked them to make a plate for me, but they only had mushroom gravy, which is why it had tiny chunks in it. But it was still tasty. It was the first time Mr. Juice tried disco fries before and he kept stealing them off of my plate. How many calories are in a plate of disco fries? I don’t even want to know and you don’t either. Just don’t think about it and enjoy them for heaven’s sake.


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  • I was always a veggie chili cheese fries girl… there’s a place in Chicago, Pick Me Up Cafe, where I’d just swoon over a plate of them with a vanilla milkshake at my side.

    That’s another calorie count I NEVER want to see.

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