Have You Ever Had A Pineapple Guava Before?

When browsing Gourmet Garage the other day, I came across a fruit that I had never had before, a Feijoa, also known as a pineapple guava. It was $1.99, which in all honesty was quite expensive for such a tiny piece of fruit, but you know me, I had to try it, so I bought it. It smelled so fragrant and after I purchased it, I sniffed it for like an hour trying to figure out what it reminded me of, until it finally hit me, d’uh, a regular guava, just sweeter. Anyways, I was upset to find that when I cut it open, it was slightly rotten or over mature as you can tell from the picture.

Damn Gourmet Garage! And by the way, I also got heavy whipping cream there, and even though the expiration date was a while away, when I got home I opened the carton to find that the cream was spoiled! What the hell? Are they going out of business or something and selling bad food now?

OK, back to pinapple guava. So it was brown and icky, but I ate it anyway. Trying to forget about the rotten flavor, what I can tell from this fruit is that, it does in fact taste like a sweeter guava, but what might even make it better than a regular guava is the texture of it. It’s not grainy like a regular guava. It’s smooth and soft like you expect the flesh of a fruit to be. Think a little softer and a little more slippery than the flesh of a loquat. It would be really tasty as a fruit juice or an infused vodka or something like that. And you know what? It smelled really good, it could even be a fragrance, remember that whole mangosteen craze a while back in beauty products? This could be another one.

-Joyce Huang

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