Have You Eaten A Wedgie Today?

The “Wedgie” is a slice of cheesecake that has been covered in chocolate and frozen. Healthy? Absolutely not. A lovely, guilty pleasure? Hell yes.

The first bite at the tip had too much chocolate so I couldn’t taste the cheesecake, but it started to balance out as I kept eating it and there was a bigger cheesecake to chocolate ratio. It isn’t a dessert for the faint of heart, as some of my friends couldn’t take more than one bite due to the richness and sweetness, but a few of us went on strong. Where did I get this giggle inducing wedgie? At the Anacortes ferry terminal in Washington, but I bet that you can easily make this at home as well. My guess, would be that you would have to do the below.


-popsicle sticks

-a cheesecake that has been sliced up and separated

-melted chocolate (just melt chocolate in a double broiler)

Now What?

-Take your sliced cheesecake and gentle insert a popsicle stick into each on, on the wide end.

-Freeze it for an hour and prep a cookie sheet with wax paper or parchment paper on it.

-Take it out of the freezer and dip each slice into the chocolate, place it on the cookie sheet and freeze everything for another hour.

-Joyce Huang

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