Happy Thanksgiving!

I had some time while prepping so just wanted to wish everyone a great day no matter what you are doing. Here in the Schuang household, we are planning a small Thanksgiving meal. We ended up staying in town due to my big belly and will be cooking for only a total of four people, which is a big change considering we use to have parties for like 30 people in a one bedroom. I don’t even understand how we did that! I do remember people eating plates of turkey right at my entryway though, because it was that goddamn crowded. My body cannot just physically handle that at this point in time. The multi-day prep, hosting all day long, and then clean up…just thinking about it is making my eyelids flutter sleepily. Maybe after the baby gets here we will start having more people over for holiday meals again.


So for this year’s meal, it looks like we are going with:



Oyster stuffing

Sweet potato casserole

Mashed potatoes

Broccoli in garlic and olive oil

Pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting

Almond tofu AKA Dofu


Obviously we were debating on making more because it’s us, but we were trying to be practical this year, so went with the less is more route. Though I am wondering if I should run out and get some last minute supplies for a stove top mac and cheese now.



Joyce Huang

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