Hana Hou Hou Tasty Sparkling Sake

courtesy of wallywine.com

As we were stuffing our faces at Hagi the other night, my friends and I got excited about a bottle of sparkling sake we saw on their menu. None of us had ever had it before, which meant of course that we had to get two bottles of it to split. And how’s this for a cute name? “Hana Hou Hou” sparkling sake by the Marumoto Brewery Co. I don’t know what that means in Japanese, it could mean “I Hate You Bitch, Go Away”, but it sounds cute phonetically. Not only that, but the bottle was adorable! Very girly and feminine though so all you manly men out there, if you feel threatened by cute drinks, this is one that you’ll want to poor into a glass first.

The bubbles weren’t as harsh as champagne or prosecco. It felt as if something was tickling my tongue as all of the bubbles popped against it. And the taste was gently sweet and delightful. Have you ever smelled the scent of “County Apple” at Bath and Body Works? This sake tastes the same as the scent of “Country Apple.” Don’t believe me? Stop by Hagi or buy a bottle for yourself. Wallywine.com not only carries the original version ($15) of Hana Hou Hou, but they also have an infused version ($17) in a spring pink colored bottle. Between the package and the taste, I must mention that this would be fantastic for gifting people or impressing someone.

-Joyce Huang

7 out of 10 for the alcohol

7.5 out of 10 for the alcohol and packaging

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