Halo Top Creamery Protein Ice Cream


I’ve upped my recent protein game and wanted to check out this Halo Top Creamery protein ice cream. Really, really good. Tastes better than probably all the low-fat, low-calorie ice creams I have tried, and there is 6 grams of protein in each serving, which is the same amount of protein as one egg.

I tried the birthday cake flavor one and like it enough to go ahead to try all of the other flavors. It’s sweet, creamy (not as creamy as really good ice cream, BUT creamy enough where you might not even notice it was a low-fat ice cream), and delicious. Honestly, it tastes a lot more fattening than 280 calories per pint. I wish I had more room in the fridge so I could pick up more flavors. I checked out their main site, halotop.com, and it looks like they also have:



Lemon Cake (this will be my next purchase)

Strawberry (or maybe this one)

Mint Chip (or this one)

Chocolate Mocha Chip

This company must be killing it financially. It’s a really great product.

Joyce Huang

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