Ground Turkey Stew Pasta Bowl

Turkey Chili Pasta Bowl

I know it’s summer and stew sounds hot, but going through pics on my computer, I came across this one and remembered how good it was. I made a whole pot of it and Patrick and I went through it in two days. I don’t believe I’ve ever had Hamburger Helper, but I would imagine that this would be a healthier and fresher version of it. It was flavorful, hearty and very satisfying. I ate mine sprinkled with mozzarella and a side of Gruyere bread from Kayser Maison.


Olive oil to cover the bottom of a pot

1 lb ground turkey

Diced medium onion

28oz can crushed tomatoes (Save the can)





Chili Powder

¼ box of elbow macaroni

14 oz of water (use above can when it is empty and fill halfway for 14 oz.)

16 oz can of corn

Now What?

Heat up the olive oil in the pot and sauté the diced onions until soft.

When the onions are soft, mix in the ground turkey and cook through.

Then throw in a small handful of cumin, sprinkle with some salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder and stir. Slowly pour in the crushed tomatoes so that it doesn’t splatter.

Fill the empty can halfway with water and pour the water into the pot. Mix well. Cover and cook for 20 minutes.

Add in the elbow macaroni, stir and cook for the amount of time it says on the box.

Joyce Huang

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