Greenberg Smoked Turkey

A girlfriend of mine ordered a smoked turkey from Greenberg turkeys this past Thanksgiving and let me tell you, that thing was so freaking good. So good that I ordered another one a few weeks later just to eat for dinner. Word spread that another turkey was being delivered (mainly because I was talking non-stop about it), and suddenly I became a very popular girl and people wanted to come and visit me. I of course kept my lights off and ignored the bell because I didn’t want to share.


You can snag one of those turkeys for yourself at (how cute, right?). What is fantastic is that these turkey come in a variety of sizes and are very affordable. A 6lb turkey is just $28.15 + very reasonable shipping costs. Because it’s a smoked turkey, you will be able to eat it as soon as you unpack it without heating it up. I found myself spending many nights in front of the telly (sorry, I’ve acquired a few British peeps lately) with Tupperware full of turkey balanced on my belly. I’m not ashamed.


The dark meat was flavorful and moist. The white very tasty as well, but slightly drier. However, I’m a gravy girl, so I like dipping my turkey in it, which therefore takes away any dryness. Some of the most coveted pieces of this turkey is the sections that are encrusted with their family seasoning. So good. You can’t really eat the skin though, so just peel that off and save it for future dishes or what not where you want to add some smoky flavor.

Not gonna’ lie. Thinking of ordering one of these every month to just have dinner for the week. And can I just say that I never once got tired of eating it? It really is addicting. It was even named as one of Oprah’s favorite (affordable) gifts. That’s definitely some fantastic celebrity backing. Be sure to check them out.

BTW, here’s a really fast gravy recipe. I concocted it when I realized that I wanted gravy for my turkey as I was eating it, so wanted something insanely fast to make.

Super fast gravy recipe


1 celery stalk diced

1 medium onion diced

1 can of chicken broth (the small ones, not big ones)

1 TBS butter

1-3 TBS of flour

Now What?

Melt the butter in the pan and sauté your celery and onion till soft, pour the broth over it and bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. Whisk in a TBS of flour in till you achieve the consistency that you want and serve.

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