Gourmet Pizza Ideas To Make At Home

Don’t ask me why, but for about a month, all my body seemed to crave was pizza and French fries. I know, I know, not the healthiest things to be eating, but some times you just really need to satisfy your taste buds. I like having frozen pizza dough handy, as you can tell from this previous post, so whenever I didn’t feel like running to the store, I just whipped up my own. Below are just a few of the versions I found myself snacking on throughout the day.

Oh! But before I forget, just some tips on the dough. I flour my board, as well as the ball of dough. I don’t use a rolling pin, and I don’t do any of that fancy tossing because my fingernails make it feel uncomfortable. So what I do is, start pulling the dough with both hands into whatever shape I want, and when it gets big enough to, I make a fist with my right hand (because I’m right handed), and lay the thinned out dough over it. I twist the fist, but pull out the dough even more with my left hand. So twist and pull, twist and pull, until you get a thin layer of dough. And for my own purposes, I then set the dough on my baking tray before I start adding the toppings.

This day was a half, half pizza. I put tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella on one side, and on the other, fresh mozzarella, ricotta and small pieces of proscuitto, which will crisp up. I baked it in the oven and when I pulled it out, I topped the tomato side with fresh, torn basil. For the ricotta side I topped it with fresh cracked pepper, more proscuitto and arugula.

As you can see, I still had proscuitto and ricotta left. So on this pizza pie I spread a layer of ricotta, and topped it with thinly sliced zucchini and proscuitto.

And last, but not least, a classic cheese pizza with tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella.

The funny thing is, I’m still craving pizza. Maybe I’ll be on Freaky Eaters one day.

-Joyce Huang

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