Gooey Cereal Dessert Squares

cereal dessert squares

I originally set out to make a carrot cake. I wanted something sweet to munch on after dinner, but the thought of having to grate all those carrots turned me off to it. And then when I remembered all that damn cereal I keep in the cupboards (I go through a cereal phase once a year), I thought that maybe I should try to use some of it up before it went stale.

I’ve never made Rice Krispie treats before, but knew that I needed marshmallow as a binder. (Well, I should say that I’ve never gotten to the end part of making Rice Krispie treats before. I tried to make it when I was very young. Tried. I tasted a bite while everything was still in the pot and knew that I didn’t want another bite.)

Since I didn’t have marshmallow, I rummaged through the cupboards and found a bit of peanut butter left and a jar of unused corn syrup with vanilla in it. I remember buying it thinking that one day I would need it, and apparently today was it. Fingers crossed, I was hoping that the peanut butter and corn syrup could work together and hold the cereal bits together. Just FYI, the ingredients in the corn syrup I had were: corn syrup, salt and vanilla. I think some people freak out about high fructose corn syrup, but that’s suppose to be different from regular corn syrup.

These treats were so good. The textures of the chocolate chunks, corn flakes and rice puffs were very satisfying and the tastes of vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter came together really well. This is definitely a sweet treat, so I would like to say that one piece will satisfy your sweet tooth, however, you’re probably going to want more than one piece after you take that first bite. Incredibly addicting.

Ingredients (It helps if you have small women hands because that’s what I used to measure.)

1 ½ TBS unsalted butter

1 cup Peanut Butter (I managed to scrape together ¾ of a cup of natural peanut butter, but 1 cup would be better for the binding.)

1 cup corn syrup with vanilla

2 handfuls chocolate chunks (You can go more or less depending on how chocolately you want these bars. If you have very big hands you could use 2 normal handfuls.)

2 very big handfuls of corn flakes (If you have very big hands, use 2 normal handfuls.)

5-6 very big handfuls of rice puff cereal

Pinch of salt

A buttered pan of some sort to press the end mixture into. I used a small 2 inch deep Pyrex pan.

Now What?

Heat the peanut butter and butter in a microwave safe bowl till the butter is melted. Mix together.

Mix in corn syrup until creamy.

Mix in pinch of salt.

Mix in corn flakes and rice puffs cereal.

Mix in chocolate chip cookies.

When everything is mixed well together, press it into your buttered pan. I just used my fingers and flattened out the top as much as possible.

Refrigerate it for an hour (I put mine on my terrace since my fridge was full).

Then cut it into 2-3” by 2-3” squares and enjoy!

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