Godiva Mid-Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes

godiva 1

Leave it to a Belgium chocolate company to remind me that the Chinese Moon Festival is coming up! Godiva has come out with a limited-edition, Mid-Autumn festival gift box. It’s a bit steep at $50, but I got some for the family figuring:

1)   They might need a break from mooncakes.

2)   Mooncakes are crazy fattening, so them swapping a mooncake for a small piece of chocolate might actually benefit their health.

godiva 4

godiva 3

The box contains the following flavors:

-Orange-currant crisp mooncake

-Apricot-peach crunch mooncake

-Mango-passion fruit crunch mooncake

-Strawberry-pomegranate crisp mooncake

All photos from Godiva.com

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