GO Burger is a Go!

The original plan was to head to Milk Burger, but unfortunately, when we got there, the doors were locked, which meant that either someone was late for work, or they have to update their store hours on their website. What did we do instead? We satisfied our cravings by heading to GO Burger, after a suggestion by our lovely neighbors.

Overall, the food was really good. Not the best burgers, I’ve ever had before, but still very tasty. I will be heading back to dine there again. Décor-wise, it’s a fancy burger joint with a full bar, and they serve alcoholic milk shakes, which is always fun!

We chomped on:

Chili cheese dog with jalapenos: Pretty good, but I wished it had more of a snap to it, because I love that snap that hot dogs in natural casing have. I couldn’t tell if this one did or not, or it broke open during the cooking process. It’s a standard chili cheese hot dog, with no frills, but does the job.

Smashed burger: Very similar to a Shake Shack burger, not quite as tasty as Shake Shack’s, but it was nice and juicy, and still very flavorful. I really enjoyed the sesame buns they used for it. It cost $10, without fries, which is pretty pricey for what it was, but at the same time, I get the impression that they are making you pay for the ambiance/fancy burger joint appearance along with the food.

Prime Steakhouse Burger: At $18, it’s the most expensive burger on the menu because it is made up of 30-day aged prime beef (brisket, ribs, sirloin) and topped with carmelized onions. The onions were way to sweet for me, but I other than that, a solid burger. Was it worth the $18? If it came with a side and was bigger, it would be, but for just a tiny burger alone, I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

Waffle fries: I love me some fries, and these were great and had a fantastic crisp and crunch on the outside.

A couple of notes on GO Burger to watch out for. While the staff was very nice, for a restaurant that wasn’t even half full, they were very slow and didn’t know the beer selection. And if you have ever worked in a restaurant or bar before, you know that you should be well versed in food and drink selections, rather than answering with “I don’t know, I’ll have to check on that for you.” It took a while to flag someone down to bring us our check, and then after waiting for as long as I could because I had to catch a movie, I brought my check to the hostess, who handled it for me promptly. So A+ for the hostess and bus boys, but the in between part, not sure if it was the kitchen or waitstaff, but all that took a lot of time, that doesn’t really hold up for New York City standards for what is suppose to be a burger joint.

6.5 out of 10

GO Burger

1448 2nd Ave

Btwn 75th & 76th St

-Joyce Huang
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