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Since I’ve been on a pretty strict meal plan, I’ve had to find healthy ways to really add flavor to food. Fresh garlic has a ton of health benefits and tastes amazing, but I’ve been so focused on cooking fast to keep up with my work and gym hours, that I haven’t had the time to peel, dice and slice as I would want. Because I’m not roasting anything on my meal plans, biting into a large piece of garlic when I’m making a quick soup or sauce just isn’t very pleasant, so I’ve kind of just gone without fresh garlic till I got my Orblue Professional Propresser Garlic Press.

Propresser 2

Orblue sent one for me to try out and it’s pretty fantastic. It’s great because you don’t even have to peel the freaking garlic. Just pop it in and it all gets pressed out. Because it’s 100% stainless steel, it’s very sturdy and durable, and you don’t even have to wash it with soap. Just rinse, use the tiny brush it comes with if necessary, and you are good to go. Pressing garlic will also allow your meals to taste more uniform with each bite.

Get one for yourself, and for the holidays, get a bunch to use as stocking stuffers or Hanukkah gifts. It’s only $15.99, plus the nice folks at Orblue are giving you a discount of 15% off. Just enter the code VHSC3W99 at checkout and you are good to go.

Click below to see more product info on this item and to purchase it.

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