German Cuisine in NYC

It may not be the healthiest place in town to eat, but I’ll sure as hell tell you that it will definitely fill your belly up. Heidelberg was one of those restaurants that I was constantly seeing, but never stopping in. One morning I work up and was craving German fare, so it seemed like the perfect time to stop by for some brunch.

All the workers were decked out in German costumes, which brought smiles to our faces as it was 30 degrees outside and they were all wearing lederhosen. But it definitely fit with the beer garden décor.

Loved how they brought over dark and nutty breads for us to snack on, which is a nice touch from the white breads and rolls that American restaurants usually serve.

We started with a liver dumpling soup, which had a slight liver taste, but really just tasted like a meatball soup. I was hoping that they would be actually dumplings, ie meat wrapped in dough, but it was just meat. Good, filling and the broth was light and tasty, just not what I was expecting.

Then on to our lovely entrees. Mr. Juice went for their Sausage trio (first picture in post) : bratwurst, weisswurst, knackwurst, served with potato salad and sauerkraut. Not for the faint of heart and enough meat to satisfy you for a very long time. I really enjoyed the potato salad and the sauerkraut. What was great is that you got so much food at a very filling price.

I wanted something crispy, which is why I ordered the Potato Pancake. Not only did it look homey, but it was delicious. The outside was so nice and crispy and it wasn’t burnt at all. They served these big pancakes with smoked salmon, sour cream and capers, which was perfect for a brunch meal.

Definitely will be going back to Heidelberg, just need to unclog my arteries a bit before I do. If you haven’t had German cuisine in a while, then please do stop by. If not for the food, then make it a night out and chug some beer.

7 out of 10


1648 Second Avenue (between 85 & 86),

New York, NY 10028

-Joyce Huang
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