Gelato Class

I learned about gelato, I made gelato and I ate a lot of gelato. It was a pretty good day.


Mia Gelateria offers group gelato classes where each person gets to leave with four pints of what was made during class. The instructor was really easy going and informative.


They provide aprons and all of the equipment.


You pour things in a bowl.


You mix things.


You pour it into a gelato making machine.


It makes gelato. (Not instantaneously though.)


That day we made cookies and cream, dutch chocolate, figs and tequila, and Snickers. Because P and I went together, we got to leave with eight pints of gelato. Don’t bother coming over. We ate it all. If you ever stop by Mia Gelateria, I would highly suggest trying the cherry yogurt gelato, Captain Crunch gelato and the fig and tequila gelato. These are three flavors that you don’t normally find in gelato and ice cream shops, so it’s nice to just get a sample of them to expose your taste buds to new things if you haven’t had them before.

-Joyce Huang

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