Frying Queso de Freir

It’s fried. It’s cheese. It’s easy to make. How the hell could you not want to try this?


Queso de freir is a white frying cheese you can find in Latin neighborhoods. It has a high frying temperature, so it doesn’t melt easily and holds its shape when you heat it up. It tastes great as is, but for dinner parties, so it looks like I made some effort, I cook them up as side dishes.



Flour on plate

Queso de freir sliced into 1 CM thick slices

Oil to go up to halfway up the cheese slices when frying


Now What?

Heat up the oil till you can see gentle ripples.

Dip a cheese slice on each side in the flour and shake off excess. Gently place in the frying oil. Repeat with each slice. When light, golden brown on bottom side, flip cheese over. When light, golden brown on flipped side, remove for oil and drain on paper towel.


-Joyce Huang

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