Fruit & Vegetable Market in Spanish Harlem




I can’t always make it to Chinatown, but have found a really great option in Spanish Harlem. On the corner of 110th str and 3rd ave there is a fruit/vegetable/juice market. I believe that they are simply called Farmer’s Market. The produce is nice, as are the prices.

Case in point, these persimmons only cost me $6 a case, which came out to $0.38 a piece. In mainstream grocery stores I’ve seen them go up to $2.49 each. $0.38 a piece is very comparable to Chinatown prices. They don’t have a ton of more ‘exotic’ fruits like Durian, Dragonfruit, etc, but they definitely the job when I can’t make it to Chinatown or Flushing.

I think I’m going to have to invest in one of those carts with wheels though. The last time I went here, I bought so much stuff I had to stop three times on my walk home to rest my arms and shoulders from carrying everything.

Joyce Huang

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