Fried Shishito Recipe

The first time I tried fried shishito peppers was at Toro, one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. And since I’m all about cooking fast dishes at home, I knew this was going to be happening in my kitchen at some point. Easy peasy and it looks so fancy. And if you’re wondering where “Easy Peasy” came from, click here.


Shishito peppers

Fine sea salt

Oil for frying ( I had canola so used that)

Now What?

Wash the peppers and dry them extremely well. Always remember that water and hot oil are NOT a good match. Heat up enough oil to cover the peppers, once it’s nice and hot, you can dip a pepper in it to see if it sizzles, throw in the peppers. When they have blistered and darkened a tiny bit, take them out with a slotted spoon and place on paper towels so that the oil drains. Sprinkle with the fine sea salt and serve.

-Joyce Huang


One comment

  • good call! surprisingly easy way to get restaurant-level deliciousness. if you don’t like to waste oil, this works practically as well in about a quarter inch of oil. you just have to flip them around a bit.

    they’re probably much cheaper in chinatown but eataly carries good ones if you need a source.

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