Fried Pizza at Forcella

While I prefer the usual oven baked pizza, I certainly won’t be throwing a fried pizza out of bed. Yes, we are allowed to eat in bed in Juice’s household.

I didn’t have room for much to eat when I stopped by Forcella, but had been dying to try one of their fried pizzas. I chose the Montanara, which is a margherita pizza. The special part of this tasty concoction is that the dough has been flash fried, and then they finish cooking it in the oven. For a fried dish, it’s wonderfully light, with just a touch of greasiness. You get the crunch and flakiness of say a well-made scallion pancake when you bite into it. The mozzarella and sauce were delicious. I was very happy that I finally got to try it.

Would I eat it again? Yes. Then why do I prefer a non-fried pizza? Because the slight touch of grease does make the crust feel a bit heavy, compared to traditional pizzas that are only baked. If you haven’t tried a fried pizza before, definitely stop by Forcella. It’s worth the calories and the staff there was very friendly.

Also, did I mention that the owner, Giulo Adriani, is a 4 time Pizza World Champion? If that doesn’t sway you, I don’t know what will.

8 out of 10


334 Bowery at Bond street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 466-3300

-Joyce Huang


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