Fried Food, More Fried Food, & Then Some Cheese

Mmm, Mmm, Frickles. A.K.A. Fried Pickles. Live Bait thinly slices theirs so that they are like chips, and they were some tasty mo-fos. Hee-hee, I kind of just said a dirty word.

Oh, but wait, my fat ass isn’t done yet. Why not top that off with some country fried steak, gravy and collard green. The meat wasn’t the most tender, but that batter and gravy? Pretty damn good.

Did you really think that I’d be having some comfort food without mac ‘n’ cheese? Well then, you don’t know me at all and should flip through my blog some more. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

6 out of 10

Live Bait
14 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

(212) 353-2400

-Joyce Huang

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