Fried Chicken Skins Recipe

Fried chicken skins

Waste not, want not, right? When we feed our pups fresh chicken, at times we end up with chicken skin because we don’t want to feed to skin part to the dogs. Instead of tossing them, I turn them into fried chicken skins. If you love pork rinds, you are going to love the taste of these. Plus, super easy to make.


Raw chicken skin (excess white fat on the inside scraped off, use a knife to scrape off)

½ inch of oil in a pan

Salt to taste

Now What?

Cut the chicken skin into servable pieces, keep in mind that it will shrink when you fry it.

Heat the oil.

When the oil is starting to gently ripple, gently place your chicken skins into the oil. Make sure that there is enough space so that nothing is touching.

When the skins are golden brown, drain on paper towels.

Sprinkle with salt and serve. Eat while hot.

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