Fried Chicken Dinner at Momofuku

Look, all I am saying is that when you order the fried chicken dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar, there really is no need to order starters. Unless you are a glutinous American, so obviously you do.

I started out with a refreshing Yuzu Palmer soju slushie. Such a fun drink, but grown up at the same time. Don’t know what yuzu is? It’s an Asian citrus fruit that looks like a grapefruit, lemon, lime and feijoa all rolled into one. Don’t know what a feijoa is? Look it up you lazy bum, that’s what Google is for. No I’m kidding, I actually have a blog post on it, just click here to see it.

Next we snacked on pork buns and shitake buns which are always divine at Momofuku. I could eat 10 of them and still want more.

And finally, the Piece de Resistance, the fried chicken dinner, which consisted of 2 1/4 chickens, half southern style and the other half Korean style, a bowl of fresh veggies, mu shu pancakes and 4 different sauces. The chicken was very good, not the best I’ve ever had, but very good. The southern style somehow managed to stay light, and even though they looked burnt, they weren’t, and the crunch on them was beautiful. You’ll definitely use this as a dipper to try the sauces. We got a ginger and scallion sauce, hoison sauce, chili sauce and I think a jalapeno and garlic sauce. My memory is a little fuzzy. Hands down though, the Korean style was our favorite of the two. Flavorful and addicting, we kept reaching for it. Though I must say that both types were very juicy, which is always enjoyable when it comes to fried chicken. The bowl of veggies was great to snack on, I couldn’t stop eating them, they really did taste market fresh.

I know, I know, weren’t we suppose to make little pancakes out of everything and eat it like that? We tried, but our jaws got extremely tired because the mu shu pancakes were very thick, dry and hard to chew, so we just pushed them to the side.

Would I do the fried chicken dinner again? Sure, but I will say I’ll need a break for a few weeks, because that was a lot of fried chicken. Don’t forget that if you want the fried chicken dinner, you have to make reservations in advance, and it’s suggested for 4-8 people.

7 out of 10

Momofuku Noodle Bar

171 1st Ave, New York 10003

-Joyce Huang
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  • I’m really glad you posted on this – I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and definitely will need to! Disappointed to hear about the moo shu pancakes though as I usually love wrapping anything I can in there.

    Question: I know they say 4-8 people, but what do you think would be the right number?


  • Me too! I wanted to make little wraps so badly, but you might have better luck. We were 4 people, were drinking sake, each had a porn bun and left with a bag of leftover chicken-after the girls having 3 pieces each, the men 5 pieces each. If we didn’t eat the apps, we still would have had leftovers. Can definitely feed 8 people very well if you get a few apps to share first. What’s Dish Envy?

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