Fresh Roasted Turkey Club at The Continental in Philly

The Continental in Philadelphia is located in a couple of places in Philly, it’s very similar to say Coffee Shop in New York City. It’s a trendy diner and bar in one and wouldn’t you know that this is also part of the Starr Group just like Alma de Cuba that I was raving about. I stopped by for brunch when I was in Philadelphia and I had the most amazing turkey club sandwich. It tasted like fresh sliced roasted turkey, not the kind you get at the deli, but like real roasted turkey. So juicy and flavorful, I carried my leftovers around all day and on the bus back to New York City to finish for dinner when I got back home because it was just that delicious. In the picture is my leftovers, not so pretty, but it still tasted so good. Like I said in my Alma de Cuba post, for some reason Philadelphia restaurants don’t really post pictures of their food, so I had to use a picture of my leftovers. Definitely stop by for a drink or if you just want some hearty and good food.

7 out of 10

Check out their sites for locations.

-Joyce Huang
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