Freezer Must Have: Seven Spoons Frozen Foods

Seven Spoons Food 7

Seven Spoons food sent over a box of their frozen products for us to try and they couldn’t have come at a better time. In addition to having my own dog, I left one of Social Tees’ adoption fairs with two foster puppies. I’ve been a hot mess ever since. Picture three energetic puppies in a NYC apartment fighting over every single dog toy possible…24/7.

Not having the time to cook normal meals, this magical box appeared and when I opened it, there was food that said it could be prepared in 15 minutes. Oh, hell yeah. I can’t even tell you how grateful I was. Such perfect timing.

 Seven Spoons Food 8

Seven Spoons Food 9

The dogs also seemed very excited about the products as you can see by these pictures. They wanted to be in all the shots I took.

Seven Spoons Food 10

Seven Spoons Food 4

A few things about Seven Spoons food before I go into each product in detail.

-The company is all about bringing world cuisine into the home, which is pretty great. For those who don’t live in a city where ethnic cuisines can be delivered to your door, their products are fantastic to keep handy. For those who can order delivery at a moment’s notice, this is much cheaper and faster.

-I’ve been able to prepare Seven Spoons frozen meals in 15 minutes or less.

-They are 100% naturally gluten free, which I know will be a major convenience for a lot of people.

-Being able to simply microwave rice or quinoa is a major timesaver.

-They do provide two servings per bag, that are very filling.

-Cooking can’t be messed up. You microwave the grain and pretty much just heat up everything else in a pan. If it’s cooked down too much (I was so busy at times that I lost track of what I was cooking one time) just add a little bit of water and it comes out perfect still.

-If you want meat in the vegetarian options, you can easily add your own and cook it in the sauce. It’s also an easy way to stretch out a meal more if you are feeding a bigger group.

 Seven Spoons Food 3

Seven Spoons Thai Green Curry

This was my absolute favorite of the three products I tried. The heat was good, the flavors were there, the vegetables tasted fresh and it was extremely filling. It features coconut cream, fish sauce, their own Thai green curry paste and Thai stock. Patrick isn’t a fan of tofu, but liked the flavors of this dish so much that he took out the tofu (which I ate) and mixed his portion with ground turkey.

 Seven Spoons Food 6

Seven Spoons Chicken Biryani

Even in its frozen state, it smelled delicious. I did wish that there was more chicken in the dish, but if anything, I could have just added more meat on my own. Patrick loved this one. I thought the flavors were really good. And it comes with a Raita Delight mix that you combine with non-fat yogurt. When I ate this one, I didn’t have yogurt and mixed it with sour cream and it was absolutely amazing. It tasted as if I had made it with fresh cucumbers. Actually, if they sold this mix on its own, I would buy, it was that good.

 Seven Spoons Food 1

Seven Spoons Quinoa Vegetable Biryani

Another extremely filling meal without any meat! You feel good as you’re eating it because your loading up on such nutritious ingredients from whole-grain quinoa and cashews, to lima beans and cauliflower. This also came with the Raita Delight mix that I was able to mix with yogurt this time around. It lasts much healthier and lighter than when I mixed it with sour cream, so it’s really a matter if you want something light and clean, versus something that tastes a bit fattier.

Retail Price: $10.49

Where to buy in NYC: Fairway

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