For You Vegans Out There: Blossom

You never know what to expect from a vegan restaurant. Especially when your favorite thing to eat is a really good medium-rare rib-eye steak. But I do love vegetables, tofu and all that healthy stuff too, so I was really excited to at least try their food. Scanning the menu at Blossom was pretty interesting. They had Cape Cod cakes made from seaweed,  vegan tartar sauce, tempeh bacon and even seitan cutlets. What caught my eye though was the phyllo roulade which was French lentils and root vegetables baked into a phyllo crust all served over a bed of carrot cashew cream sauce with rainbow swiss chard and caramelized onions. I must say that it was visually very appealing and the portion size was very satisfying. There was a lightness to the dish because of the ingredients that were used, but it was still incredibly filling which was wonderful. The swiss chard was cooked beautifully as were the carmelized onions. It really was a very well thought out entrée.

Now here’s where it gets confusing. Do I judge it as a regular restaurant, or do I judge it as a vegan restaurant. As a regular restaurant it was at best, average, as a vegan restaurant, I would imagine that it was delicious. Would I go back, definitely, but only if I were in the mood for something healthy, light or vegetarian.

So as a regular restaurant I give it

5 out of 10.

As a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, I give it

8 out of 10.

Check their website because they have a few locations.

-Joyce Huang
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