Food Word of the Day: Sablee

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What’s the sableé is up with you? Hahaha, OK, bad joke. But to my ears, sablee doesn’t even sound like a real word for some reason. But apparently my vocabulary is very limited because it is.

Sableé in French means “sandy”and is also the name for a really rich and crumbly crust that is used to make pies and tarts. I’ve heard people say sableé or pâte sableé when talking about this type of crust. I am assuming that when people in the food or cooking world are talking to each other, they can get away with just saying sableé because it’s a given that they are talking about food and not actual sand. If you speak French fluently, feel free to shed some more light on the literally translations of these terms. has a really easy recipe. It has only 4 ingredients, including 2 sticks of butter, WOWZA!

-Joyce Huang

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