Food Superstition: Double Yolk Egg

Eggs. I love eggs. The other day I was cooking and when I cracked open one egg I got a double yolk. That’s pretty cool, I thought to myself. Then I cracked open a second egg and got another double yolk. That’s when I got spooked, I was wondering if somehow the chicken was injected with so many chemicals that I would be somehow mutated if I ate them. However,  a quick search online showed that I would be fine, and that some stores even sell cartons of just double yolk eggs. It occurs for different reasons, whether it’s hereditary in the hen, it’s a young hen, ovulation occurs rapidly, etc. But what caught my eye were the superstitions associated with a double yolk egg.

So apparently, any of the below may be happening to me:

1)    I’m going to have twins.

2)    I’m getting married.

3)    I’m getting married because I’ll be knocked up.

4)    Impending death.

5)    It will make me more fertile.

I’ll keep you guys updated! Unless you don’t hear from me, which means that #4 must have occurred.

-Joyce Huang


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