Food Lover Gift Idea: Dona Chai Tea Concentrate

Dona Chai

I was so tired and groggy from the gym one night and when I was walking past the mailboxes to get to my apartment, I saw a beautiful glass bottle with a note on it. I wanted to keep walking, but curiosity got the best of me because it just looked so pretty, so I squatted down to see what it was. It was a lovely bottle of Dona Chai tea concentrate from Brooklyn, with MY name on it. Definitely a good night.

Before I get to talking about the actual tea concentrate, there are some great things that you need to know about this company.

-Dona Chai is local for me and made in Brooklyn. Love supporting local companies.

-They compost their ingredient waste. Yay, for the environment.

-It’s made in small batches, which is great for quality control.

-The ginger is cold-pressed, which preserves the ginger in its natural state as much as possible.

-Their spices are ground fresh.

When I got upstairs I cracked it open to smell it, and it was so wonderful. It was just the right level of intenseness and there was everything from cold-press ginger and cardamom, to cinnamon bark and cloves. There’s a lot more goodness in there that makes for a cozy scent that wins you over right away. At first you aren’t sure what it is you are smelling, but then slowly, each note comes to mind as you let it seep in a bit.

After I refrigerated it and it was nice and cold, I tasted the concentrate directly and it was wonderful. It just makes you feel so cozy. I know you’re suppose to mix it with soy milk, milk, etc, but I could have been pretty happy just letting it melt a bit over ice and sipping it like that.

Dona Chai 2

This morning as a treat for myself (as you know, my trainer has me on a strict meal plan), I decide to make a small Chai tea latté and it’s pretty amazing how easy it is to make one at home. All you really have to do it simple mix equal parts of the concentrate with your mixer and serve hot or over ice. I like to get a little froth going, so I shook mine up with ice in a martini shaker. Also, I love the flavor of the concentrate so much that I prefer a 2:1 ration of concentrate to mixer.

Purchase a bottle for yourself at any of these locations, and get a bunch to give out as holiday gifts!


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