Finding Love at a NYC Supper Club


According to my single friends and my eyes, dating nowadays seems to be extremely difficult. It was fun when I was single and dating, but now in the days of social media and apps like Tinder, whenever I turn around it looks as if tiny piglets are being eaten alive by multiple wolf packs (even if it just through an iPhone). However, I was recently made aware about a singles event being hosted by, and I must say that it’s such a nice change from how people generally meet now.

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, will be hosting a secret supper club dinner for 40+ singles. How elegant and civilized does that sound? Plus, in a group setting, there will be much less pressure than going on a blind date, and the food sounds delicious. The cost is $40 per person, which is crazy reasonable once you take a look at the menu below, and there are spaces available for both men and women. The actual cost of the dinner and event is estimated to be around $150 per person, so you are definitely getting a great deal. Click here for tickets.

Chef Kevin Nocciolli’s Exclusive “Over the Supper” Menu

Smoked Trout – guacamole, blue corn chip, coconut, lemon

Jerked Pork – empanada, caramelized onion, marjoram, pumpkin

Grilled Sweet Shrimp – papaya, mango, cucumber, jalapeno, pumpkin seed

Hoisin Glazed Short Rib – jasmine rice, kaffir lime, cilantro, peanut

Black Pepper and Plum Panna Cotta – plum sauce, pickled plum, crème anglaise


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