Filling Hearts of Palm Salad

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I just ate a ton of food, so I figured that all of the calories would be offset by a healthy food post. And when I am going through one of my low calorie/low fat days, the one ingredient that my body seems to crave is hearts of palm. I’m not exactly sure why, but maybe it’s the lightness and crunch of it that just tastes so good to me. I really love how tender it is and put a ton in my salads. And lately, this is the one salad that I have been making all the time with it.


3/4 cup of hearts of palm

Half a head of the heart of romaine lettuce, shredded

Small handful of grated cheese, I’ve been using romano

If I’m really hungry, I’ll add in a cup of shredded chicken breast

Dressing of choice (I use this one here)

Now what?

Just toss everything together and you get something really satisfying when it comes to texture and flavor, but without the high fat or calories.

-Joyce Huang

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