February 2017 Daily Goodie Box Unboxing

New samples in the February’s Daily Goodie Box did not disappoint. I think that I liked it better than the last one. Which was surprising, because I was really impressed with the first box already. Sizes were great, companies featured were fantastic, and again, general quality for a free samples box is pretty damn good. To be honest, I feel like this sample box is better than some paid food subscription boxes I have seen.

Shall we see what it had?

We gots some:

Vermont Smoke & Cure Stick…which was the first thing that I ate when I finished taking pictures.

XyliChew Gum…haven’t tried it yet, but it is in my purse.

Dream Water…love having this on hand in case I need it.

Gorilly Goods...I am very excited to try this. Plus, it’s organic!

Fig Bar…Didn’t get to try it because my husband ate it. He liked it so much, I picked some up at the grocery store.

Gary Poppins Simply Popcorn…I got this last time and loved it, so super happy I got another bag. Guys!!! Only 38 calories per cup!!

ALOHA Green…I’m going to try this later this week. It came with a yummy smoothie recipe to try it out in.

Coffee Blocks…If you are a bulletproof coffee lover, this is perfect for you! Really great for keeping in the office too.

Sign up for a free Daily Goodie box by heading on over to DailyGoodieBox.com.

Joyce Huang

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