Fatty Crab, What a Great Name

courtesy of fattycrab.com

courtesy of fattycrab.com

I had always wanted to try Fatty Crab, but never really wanted to wait for a table. Thank god they opened up a Upper West Side location that does take reservations! Yippee! OK, so word of advice. I tried three of their specialty cocktails that night and only one was decent, I can’t figure out if it was just a bad bartender or if the drinks were just bad. Stick to basic drinks or non-alcoholic ones. Another mistake, don’t eat a late lunch topped with a Peach Pleasure Jamba juice before going over, that really curbed my appetite. Everything was served tapas style though, which worked to my advantage. We were limited in what we could order only because my date for that evening was allergic to shellfish, and apparently, one of their main sauces also contains traces of it. For an appetizer we went with the green mango with chili-salt-sugar. It was so simple, but in my eyes, the best part of the meal. The un-ripe mango was nice, crunchy and slighty tart, and when dipped into the seasonings, is was like a spice rack in my mouth. Delish! Next we split Fatty sliders made with pork and beef, which were good, not amazing, but very good. And then we sampled the Fatty duck (pictured above) which was very well prepared and nice and crispy. Last, our waiter presented us with dessert on the house, which I think is a great idea. The mochi bread was to-die-for, however, the ginger panna cotta, not so much. The technique in this kitchen is very well executed. I was impressed with that. The flavors are very good, but not mind blowing in my eyes. For Malaysian/Asian flavors, I feel like I would be able to find the same or better flavors going to an area like Flushing or Chinatown. I have to go back to taste more of their dishes that I wasn’t able to because of my friend, so I have an excuse to go back! I think I’ll make it all seafood next time around.

6.5 out of 10

2170 Broadway
(between 76th and 77th)
New York, NY 10024

-Joyce Huang
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