Everyone Needs A Taste Of Las Ramblas

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Las Ramblas is one of the better tapas places that I have been to in long time. After watching the “Irish Curse,” a play about Irish men who get together in a church and talk about their small penises, my friend and I decided that a drink was called for. We came across Las Ramblas and she suggested that we head in for some sangria. The menu really intrigued me so I had to order food even though I wasn’t hungry. Again my friends, this is why I’m always broke all the time, because I’m always trying new foods even when I’m not hungry. Anyway, so we ordered a pitcher of the pomegranate sangria and happily told the waiter that we would also like some Pulpo con Patatas, mixed olives, Sardinas en Escabeche and Bocadillos Crujientes.

Surprisingly, the sangria was watery and disappointing, but I was still satisfied because the food was top notch.

Pulpo Con Patatas – grilled octopus over Mediterranean salad w/ purple potatoes: The octopus was extremely tender and not chewy at all. So many restaurants serve chewy octopus and they could all take a lesson from Las Ramblas here. A beautiful dish with light seasoning and flavors, it was quite refreshing and satisfying.

Mixed olives – I know, I know, it’s just mixed olives, but they were marinated really well, we munched on each and every one of them.

Sardinas En Escabeche – grilled sardines over marinated peppers & onions: Another light dish, the sardines had decent flavor, would I need to get this again, no, but it was a good dish. I prefer that my sardines are grilled a little more so that there is a slight char to them that gives them a tiny bit of a burnt and smokey flavor, but that is just a personal preference.

Bocadillos Crujientes – crispy mini sandwiches of ham, tetilla cheese, & piquillo peppers: Now these were little bits of fried heaven. Think of mini sandwiches with tasty fillings that they are deep-fried. When I read crispy on the menu, I was just thinking either grilled or something along the lines of a slight butter fry like a grilled cheese sandwich. Oh no, these were on a whole other level. They were as crispy as fried chicken, but good fried chicken. I don’t know how they did it, if they just covered it in some sort of crumbs like panko and fried away,  but I just want them to keep doing it.

8 out of 10

Las Ramblas

170 W 4th St, New York NY10014

(Btwn Cornelia & Jones St)

-Joyce Huang
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