Ever Considered an Affaire?

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Wandering around in the East Village on a rainy night, we decided to eat at whatever restaurant would seat us. And that’s how we ended up dining at Affaire, a recently opened restaurant and we had a wonderful time.

We snacked on so many dishes, and even though there were a couple of kinks along the way, we left satisfied, happy and full. I would definitely go back here to eat.

Escargots Bourgogne, Baked with garlic, parsley butter & pernod: I loved, loved, loved how they didn’t give you 5 measly pieces, but instead, gave you a whole bowl of them. That is why I would go back to this restaurant. And they were buttery and flavorful. (In picture above.)

Truffled mac and cheese: Quite the disappointment and it was simply penne tossed in cheese wit some breadcrumbs, but wasn’t creamy at all.

Buffalo Style Frog Legs with two dipping sauces: Just like buffalo wings, but crispier and with less meat considering what they were made of.

Lobster risotto: While the flavor was there, the rice was too hard. If this were Top Chef, it would have been a fail as many people are often kicked off for this mistake.

Sliced steak au poivre, wilted greens, pommes frites: A French classic that they cooked perfectly. I was so happy with this dish and would definitely get it again. My meat was tender, I ate all of my pomme frites and the salad was refreshing.

Thumbs up!

6.75 out of 10


50 Avenue B (Between Third Street and Fourth Street)

New York, NY 10009

-Joyce Huang
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