Ethyl’s Alcohol & Food NYC

I have this weird obsession with the 1970’s. I’m all about the fashion, music, civil rights movement, Studio 54, and more, which is probably why I feel so at home at Ethyl’s Alcohol & Food. It’s a 1970’s bar in the UES that is flashy, has an incredibly friendly staff, great music, go-go dancers, and they even play 1970’s movies behind the bar.

I was just there last night after a Chinese New Year’s dinner with some friends and they had decorated the bar for the holiday and played Bruce Lee movies all night. The nod to Chinese New Year was pretty fantastic and unexpected.

Earlier in the week, it is quiet and tame, so you can just sit back and enjoy a drink. They are PACKED on the weekends though, so don’t expect to get a seat or table unless you get really lucky and catch someone on their way out. The other option is to get there really early or really late. But honestly, go with a group of friends, get some drinks in you and once you start shaking to the music, you won’t even remember that your heels are killing you.

Every single time I have been to this bar has always been a good time.

Ethyl’s Alcohol & Food

1629 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10028

Joyce Huang

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