End of National Chicken Month


I do eat eggs once in a while when I’m at home, and for people who do eat eggs, I strongly, strongly advise you to purchase cage-free eggs, pasture-fed chicken eggs or eggs from humanely raised chickens. Even though you aren’t slaughtering an animal to eat eggs, it is important to keep in mind the lives of the chickens we are taking the eggs from. ASPCA is spreading the word about the plight of chickens raised on factory farms.

It is EXTREMELY important to educate yourself on these topics, rather than turn a blind eye, because turning a blind eye is just as bad as abusing the animals yourself.

See how ASPCA says how we can help:

  1. Fill out a digital letter for their local supermarket, asking their grocery store(s) to offer higher welfare chicken options: www.TruthAboutChicken.org
  2. Watch and share our animated video that explains the chicken welfare issue in a compelling way:  http://youtu.be/Hz3L7fxe4hU
  3. Check out our Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Label Guide – an explanation of the most common food labels and what they mean: http://www.aspca.org/fight-cruelty/farm-animal-cruelty/aspca-meat-eggs-and-dairy-label-guide
  4. Join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #ChickenMonth

Joyce Huang

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