Empanadas Cart in Ridgewood/Bushwick, NY

Empanada lady cheese

O.K., O.K. I know that I’ve already written about the Empanada lady on Wyckoff and Myrtle avenues, in the Ridgewood/Bushwick areas, but just wanted to share this picture. Look at the cheese! Mmmm. I ate two of them. I could have eaten more, but you already know that. And a couple of small updates.

  1. Empanadas are now $2 each, which isn’t bad considering that four years ago they were $1.50.
  2. She no longer has her small cart because she has a huge cart now. Yay! I guess business has been great! Well deserved.

Empanadas Cart

Cross streets: Myrtle ave. and Wyckoff ave.

Joyce Huang

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