Elote, Mexican Corn on the Cob


During the warmer months I love munching on corn on the cob. One of my favorite recipes to eat is elote, AKA, Mexican corn on the cob. It is typically grilled, but since I’m making it fast at home, I simply boil it for convenience and time. It’s then given a thin layer of mayonnaise, rolled in crumbled cotija cheese and then if you wish, given a sprinkle of cayenne and fresh lime juice. The combination is outstanding and incredibly addictive. But maybe that’s because I eat anything with mayonnaise or cheese on it.

Fresh corn on the cob
Crumbled cotija cheese poured out onto a plate
Cayenne (optional)
Fresh lime wedge (optional)
Sprinkle of sugar

Now What?

Boil water in a pot big enough to fit the corn and throw in a pinch of sugar. Gently place the corn on the cob in and cook for five minutes. Take the corn out and dry off until it is cool enough to handle. Spread with a thin layer of mayonnaise, roll in the cotija cheese. If you wish, sprinkle with cayenne and give a squeeze of lime.

Joyce Huang

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