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I have a problem…a food problem…while I was suppose to be relaxing on my trip to Massachusetts I found myself hunched over my iPhone for the majority of the time. I wanted good food and I was determined to read every possible review of every restaurant within a 50 mile radius to find it. The hard work paid off because my last night there, I decided that we should eat at Green Street Café in Northampton. It’s a very unpretentious place. Walking in, it looks like a typical café you would find in a liberal area. Think modern hippie: murals everywhere, photos of vegetables, waitresses with pigtails wound around their head and long skirts. Their actual menu is in the picture above (it’s seasonal). Difficult to read, but the waitress was able to help me out. I didn’t have any expectations, but after my first bite of gouda cheese, my taste buds perked up. I happily took big bites of that, big bites of the what I think was something in the swiss family and then after a big bite of the blue I needed a break. Gosh the blue was strong. I took small bites after that. And then ladies and gentlemen, I took a sip of their soup of the day, the potato soup and I was sold. I was so sold that even though we had plenty of food coming our way already, I asked the waitress to bring a half serving of their squash and squash flower risotto because I didn’t want to regret not trying it. The risotto was good, but I couldn’t find any squash flowers in it, which is why I had originally wanted the dish (my grandmother loves scrambling them in eggs, yummy). Maybe you only get them if you get the full serving? But my duck entrée was wonderful. Sliced duck breast in a lemon and whiskey sauce and what looked and tasted like delicious cranberries. The green beans were so fresh tasting because they were. The entire area is big on locally grown food. The polenta was delightful as well. Crispy slices, with warm and mealy insides. My main regret was that I didn’t get to try dessert because I was so full and didn’t want to waste anymore food. Even now I wonder if I would have gotten the lemon goat cheesecake with raspberry sauce or the mocha almond ice cream…or maybe the chocolate pot du crème…or cookie plate. I don’t know, I’m hungry  now, I’m going to see if I can find any leftover saltwater taffy in my suitcase from my trip.

P.S. I just saw that Smith College is trying to shut this place down so that they can build some big building. So sad, if I can do something to help I will.

Green Street Cafe

64 Green Street
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

8.5 out of 10
-Joyce Huang

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