Easy Vegetable Recipes

You should always take advantage of using fresh vegetables when you are able to. It’s pretty obvious that they taste so much more amazing than canned vegetables. I know, I know, some people are really busy, and it’s just so much faster to just use the canned versions, but here are two very simple and quick recipes that you can use for a variety of vegetables, and I promise you, they are really easy.

Asian flair: In the above picture, I used a variety of bok choy…well, I am assuming it is a variety of bok choy, as I bought it in Chinatown and couldn’t read the signs. But you can use, endive, string beans, eggplant, onions, etc. Cut up the veggie in however manner you want to eat them, just don’t keep big veggies, completely whole, otherwise it won’t cook through in 10 minutes. When you are done steaming, drizzle with a good soy sauce and some sesame oil, and that’s it!

Butter, because who doesn’t like butter: I found some zucchini and corn on the cob in the fridge, so all I did for this was cut the corn off the cob, and dice up the zucchini. Again, use whatever veggies you want, just make sure it’s cut small so that it can cook quickly, and isn’t a root vegetable like a turnip or potato, since those take longer to cook through. Melt a TBS of butter in a pan, and cook the veggies together for 5 minutes, toss in another TBS of butter and mix well so that all the pieces are covered. Give a good sprinkling of salt and fresh cracked pepper, mix and you are ready to serve.

-Joyce Huang

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