Easy Squash Blossoms Recipe

squash blossom recipe

I heart squash blossoms. I’ve cooked with them in previous posts, I’ll include the link to one later.

squash blossom recipe

This time around I made a side of them to accompany veggie packed scrambled eggs. For the squash blossoms all I did was

-Take the stamens out and discard

-Stuff with a bit of goat cheese (because that’s what I found in the fridge)

-Twist the top a little bit to keep closed

-Dip into a mixture of flour, salt, pepper and soda water or seltzer water and shake the excess off.

-Fry up in a pan with about half an inch of hot oil and flip to other side after the first side has lightly browned.

Click here to see a panko crusted, ricotta stuffed squash blossom recipe. 

Joyce Huang

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