Drooling For Danny’s Macaroons

Coconut macaroons aren’t something that I normally think of buying or eating. But that’s because I’ve never had a Danny Macaroon. Those suckers are freaking amazing. I’m eating a salted caramel one right now and am very happy that I don’t have to share it. Coconut macaroons, very different from French macarons, are these balls of shredded coconut that are held together by different binding ingredients, could be egg whites, condensed milk, etc. If you don’t like the nutty taste of coconut, you probably won’t like these babies, but seriously, Danny’s are something else.

You know what, I’m gonna’ have to take one more bite to figure out how to explain the taste of them. One sec.


Crap, they’re good.


Overall, the texture and base is amazing. The outside remains firm and has a slight crunch, while the insides are nice and soft. However the coconut does give you a bite back since it is slightly firm, so the insides aren’t mushy at all. As you keep chewing, the lovely sweetness and softness of it starts to remind me of the flavors of an egg custard. Again, so good! My extremely thoughtful friend sent me chocolate dipped, plain, salted caramel, roasted almond, Baileys McRoon and Pumpkin Spice. My favorites are definitely the chocolate dipped, plain and salted caramel, but they are all wonderful. The salted caramel tastes like it has a toffee topping. The Baileys one gives you a strong hit of alcohol, definitely for grown ups. And apparently there is even a red velvet macaroon, which is one that I definitely want to try.

Will definitely be getting some more for me, and as gifts for loved ones.

9 out of 10

dannymacaroons.com for locations

-Joyce Huang

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