Drool! Biscuits in White Gravy

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Even though Virgil’s is know for BBQ, you don’t go there for the BBQ. You go there for the biscuits in white gravy. See the picture above? It may look ugly, but once it hits your taste buds it will become the prettiest thing you have ever seen before. Salty and creamy white gravy smothers soft, hot biscuits. Once I get my fill of them, I am one happy lady. Should you get the BBQ? I personally don’t think their BBQ is that great, there are other places that I think do a better job. I’m serious when I say that I come here just for the biscuits.

Oh! And if you feel like indulging? Order the Train Wreck fries. Fresh cut fries, covered with melted cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, scallions, pickled jalapenos and topped with ranch dressing. Are you drooling, or is it just me?

-Joyce Huang
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  • Hi Chasingjamesbeard,
    Thanks for that, If you’ve ever been in the South you probably had some of the wonderful gravy they put on everything, including breakfast dishes. Well, if you love those dishes, you can make the gravy and have a Southern dish right at home.

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