Drinks and Snacks at Russell House Tavern

Cambridge is so freaking cute, even if I did feel old compared to everyone there. For drinks and snacks, Mr. Juice and I stopped by Russell House Tavern. We sat by the bar in the downstairs area and enjoyed our time there. They had a variety of their own fancy drinks to choose from, and I must say, a great sounding menu. It was so hard to not order one of everything on the menu. I mean they had everything from  steak tartare and deviled eggs, to thin crust pizza and a pork trio entrée. In the end, because we were still full from our lunch, we ended up just ordering the following:

Raw oysters: which were delicious.

The Butcher’s choice: house smoked and cured lamb belly, mushroom and fontina cheese thin crust pizza. Even though it has lamb belly on it,  I must say, it still felt light and well balanced because the crust was extremely thin. Do I think it was a great pizza. No. Was it a good pizza? Eh. I would say that it’s a between between OK and good. I definitely would want to try one of the other pizzas though because I want to see if I would just prefer other toppings, but I have a feeling that it’s their crust that I wasn’t really digging.

Brandt Farms Marrow Bone: Whenever I eat bone marrow, I feel like I’m really to have a heart attack. But it tastes so damn good that it’s hard for me to not order it. If you’ve never had bone marrow before, it pretty much just tastes like fat that’s been topped with salt. Each it alone with a spoon or mix and match it with the sides the restaurant might give to you. Russell House Tavern served it with toasted, buttered bread and a parsley and radish salad.  So good! But remember, bone marrow isn’t for the faint of heart.

The service was great too! We will definitely be going back.

7.5 out of 10

Russell House Tavern

14 JFK St, Boston 02138

-Joyce Huang
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