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Dough Doughnuts

If you know me at all, then you know that I love a great doughnut. My two go-to places are Doughnut Plant and Dough. And I’m going to get a lot fatter now that Dough opened up a second location in the city. Previously I could only get it in Brooklyn. Well, technically, I could have also had some delivered, but I think that I would have had to buy close to 40 doughnuts to make that happen and I knew if I did that, I would have eaten them all.

Why must I mention Doughnut Plant in a Dough post? It was my first doughnut love, and I feel guilty leaving it out of any doughnut post. Yes, I have issues. But anyways, Dough focuses on a beautiful, high rise, yeast doughnut that is just so lovely. My favorite is there Glazed, and I love the way my teeth just sink right into the icing and beautifully baked dough (by sargeant). However, I’ve never tried their Lemon Poppy (sold out the last time I went to go try it), so who knows if that might be my new favorite of theirs. Other gorgeous flavors of theirs include Chocolate with Earl Grey (really good), Café au Lait and Hibiscus.

I really must stop food blogging so late. I’m pretty much just hungry and drooling on my pillow as I type this right now.

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